rompetrol universe

We shape Earth's great energy to fuel your ambition of getting further.
The will to discover, conquer new territories and to always improve ourselves is within our restless nature.We are always on the move, always searching for something.

We are energy. The energy that moves you, your dreams, your goals.A smart design, a self improving system.

From the depths of the Earth, we come to life.

Through millions of tones of oil, we open new roads. Your roads.We go off the beaten path, nurturing our great ambition across countries and cultures.

We dream. We change perspectives. We learn. We evolve.Using modern and safe technologies!

For our partners. For the ones who share our dream.For the restless and ambitious.

We are here, on your way. We move for you to move further.We transform ourselves for you to transform yourself.

We fuel your dream of getting further.

In the very moment you feel the urge, we keep it simple.

While we are always here when you feel like you want engage all your senses.

And we believe in the great power of kindness and human connection.

rompetrol universe

A smart design that fuels your ambition of getting further.

KMG International






Rompetrol Romania

Rompetrol is the main brand of KMG International, used for the retail, refining, petrochemicals activities and well services in the upstream area.

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Rompetrol Bulgaria

Rompetrol Bulgaria was established in 2002 and it has a current network of 51 fuel stations all over the country.

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Rompetrol Moldova

Rompetrol Moldova was established in 2002 and operates a network of 85 filling stations and a fuel depot located in Chisinau.

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Rompetrol Georgia

Rompetrol Georgia was established in 2005 and coordinates a network of 76 filling stations.

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KMG International

With 6,000 employees, KMG International carries out operations throughout Europe and Central Asia, being active primarily in trading, refining and petrochemicals and other services in the oil industry such as well services, drilling, EPCM.

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Rompetrol Rafinare is the third largest taxpayer in Romania, directing around USD 1.2 billion to the local budget. The total contribution in years 2007-2017 was around USD 14.8 billion.

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