efix is Rompetrol’s most advanced range of fuels that offers outstanding protection properties. The products were designed with an optimum combination of additives and active compounds assuring not only the cleaning of the valves and injectors, but also fuel consumption reduction and an increase in engine performance.

The efix products prevent the accumulation of impurities and protect against corrosion and wear out, over the entire period that the car is running. efix products were specially designed to increase the efficiency of modern engines, and also ensure optimum functionality of older models.

The range of efix fuels is produced by Petromidia, one of the highest performing refinery in the south-east of Europe and the largest such plant in Romania.

The quality of all efix products is constantly checked from the point of extraction until they reach their final destination, the fuel pump.

The efix products are certified in Germany. Between September 2013 to January 2014, the efix fuels were tested in the Competence Center for Fuels & Lubricants in Germany, validating again their outstanding quality and properties.

All products from the efix range respect the Euro 5 pollution norms, having better and better performance and low impact on the environment.

efix products are available in the fuel distribution points from Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Georgia.

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