Rompetrol stations are known for quality fuel distribution across the country, but we wanted to take this experience to the next level.

We designed hei as the new store-restaurant concept for Rompetrol filling stations, aiming to fulfill shop & gastro needs. Our customers can catch a tasty break in one of the 97 restaurants, no matter if they are in hurry or have time to relax.

The new concept was developed to fully enhance the potential of the station new look and to contribute to the increase of non-fuel sales. The portfolio of products offered to Rompetrol customers was diversified and improved, both in the store area and in the restaurant area. hei offers free Internet in a dedicated area and some hei stations have car wash services.

We believe hei is a fresh and communicative brand that stands for quality of its services and contributes to the quality of the customer’s life. It focuses on stimulating the senses and fulfilling the sensory path by pleasing the sight, touch and taste senses, so that our customers engaged with it on an emotional level.

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