In Romania, the Rompetrol brand is operated though a network of over 818 points of sales providing the local market with a large range of quality products from the Petromidia refinery, one of the most efficient in the South – Eastern Europe, the only one with access to the Black Sea.

The fast development of the Rompetrol filling station is due to the adoptable business model that addresses over 1 million customers monthly.

Also, the Rompetrol brand operates over 210 GPL stations and 8,000 points of sales for cylinders for household usage. 3 LPG bottling plants (total capacity 60,000 tonnes/year), and storage capacity of over 1.1 million tonnes in the Black Sea region. We offer quality fuels in all our points of sales and on top, fast pumps for trucks, with gasoline and diesel, identification systems at the pumps, air and water services, car wash and money transfer.

On premium locations we developed hei concept of shop and restaurant for gas station, with wide range of products for drivers and cars in a newly designed space. Following the interior rebranding, the sales in our shops and restaurants took on an ascending trend to exceed 60%.

Petromidia and Vega

Petromidia and Vega represent more than 40% of the current refining capacity of Romania. It is the only local refinery located by the Black Sea shore, supplied directly through the offshore marine terminal in Midia Port.

With a Nelson complexity index of 10.5 following the USD 380 million modernization and upgrade program ended in 2012, Petromidia is the most efficient refinery in Romania and the 9th out of 250 refineries in Europe and Africa. Since its foundation in 1979, this refinery has processed over 100 million tons of feedstock, of which 32 million were supplied through the Group’s marine terminal.

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